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Bizzy Breaks

Bizzy Breaks are a great way to have a quick movement break between your lessons. You can download a video here that goes through a 10 minute movement break with you using the exercises on the poster. https://irishheart.ie/publications/bizzy-breaks-poster-video/

You can adjust this to suit you. For example you could:

  • adjust the amount of exercises you perform to make it easier or harder.
    -adjust how many rounds of the exercises you do to make it easier or harder.
    -adjust the time you spend on each exercise to make it easier of harder.
  • use just the ‘Looseners’ or ‘Stretchers’ for a quick 30 second break.

Always remember to include the ‘Looseners’ at the beginning and ‘Stretchers’ at the end when you are performing the ‘Huffer’ exercises.

You can download the poster here: https://irishheart.ie/publications/bizzy-breaks-poster-2/

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