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Extra Curricular Activities

As part of their educational experience, extra activities are arranged for children both during and after school time, in school and away from school. These can include activities such as Irish Dancing, GAA training and matches, Basketball, Swimming, Cross-Country, Gardening, Sports Days, Chess, Music lessons and educational outings.

Parents may be asked to contribute financially to some or all of these activities. Parents may also be requested to assist with transport to and from venues. Consent is always sought from parents before a child is permitted to take part in these activities. This may be in the form of a general consent form at the beginning of the school year covering a wide range of activities or a specific consent form for a particular activity not covered by the general consent form.  Parents will always be notified when the school has planned a new activity generally through a newsletter from the Principal. On occasion notification of an activity may be written by a child in their homework journal.

If a child is at school on a particular day it is understood that the child is fit and able to participate in the curricular activity.