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Active Schools

Glensmole N.S. strives to give pupils plenty of physical activity each day. Every pupil gets two outdoor breaks (40 minutes total) each day, weather dependent. Where the weather inhibits us going outside, the teachers will have extended active breaks in the classroom. The teachers include short movement breaks throughout the day also.

We aim to have 3 active breaks every day for 4 weeks. We have a dance break, a running break and an activity break. 

This year we held a Carol-a-thon in our school yard on 17th December. All of the classes walked around the yard singing Christmas songs. We were sponsored and raised money for the St. Vincent de Paul charity by doing so.

Last year for our running break, we set ourselves another challenge: The Run Around Europe Challenge! In our classes, we ran laps of our yard. Each lap equals 1 km. We added up all of the classes’ laps to see how far we ran. We aimed to reach London, which is 597km away!

We made it to London! The children in all the classes were very dedicated to the challenge and we ran all 597km. We have decided to continue the challenge, and are continuing on our run to Brussels!