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The School Day And The School Year

Attendance & Absences: Children should always be presented for school when they are healthy and fit for school.  In Glenasmole National School we are obliged to follow the regulations laid down by the Education Welfare Act 2000. Thus when a child is absent from school for any reason, a written note explaining the reason for the absence must be given to the school by the parent or guardian. A record is kept of the children’s absences and if this reaches 20 days this must be reported to the Education Welfare Officer.

School Calendar & Emergency Closing: In the event that the school requires unplanned closure, parents will be notified by text at the earliest possible time. When possible a note explaining the closure will be placed on the front door and a message will be left on the school answering machine.

The Department of Education has issued guidelines in relation to the closures for the school. This will be used as the basis for our school calendar, which is supplied to parents with the booklist before the beginning of each school year.

Extra Personal Vacation Days are available to teachers who have completed an approved course during the summer holiday. These are taken at the discretion of the Principal. The school continues in operation during these days. Children complete assigned tasks organised by the absent teacher.

Principal Release days, which allow the School Principal to attend to administrative tasks are taken at the discretion of the Principal and depending on the availability of a suitable substitute.

Arrivals & Departures: School opens to receive students at 9:05am approximately. Children arriving line up outside the front door. School starts at 9:10 am. In order that children can organise and settle themselves into school, the staff of Glenasmole consider it to be extremely important that all children are in school at this time. Parents dropping off and collecting children from school are requested to be particularly aware of the safety of children crossing the road and not to park at the school gate or in the roadway on either side.

Junior and Senior Infant classes end at 1:50pm. The children in these classes should be collected promptly at this time. (There is a special induction period for new junior infants in September, which is usually as follows: – 1st week : 9.10 – 11.30, 2nd week 9.10 – 12.30, 3rd week and subsequent weeks 9.10 – 1.50)

The school day for all other classes ends at 2:50pm.  Children are supervised by the teachers as they exit the front door of the building. Children must wait inside the gate until the school bus or a parent/guardian arrives to collect them. Children who are walking or cycling home from school must have written permission from parents to do so. To avoid accidents happening, to ensure children will not be distressed, and for children’s safety they should be collected at the right time.

Bus Éireann operates a school bus service for children who live more than 3.2km from their nearest school. If you think your child may be eligible, please indicate this on the enrolment form and their name will be added to the list of applicants. Bus Éireann will then liaise directly with parents. The phone number for the Schools Transport Service is 01 7032427/01 8302222 and the route number is 748.

Children leaving school before the end of the day: In exceptional circumstances, we understand that a child may need to leave school before the end of the school day. This must be confirmed to the class teacher in writing. Due to increasing concern with regards to children’s safety, when a child/children are being collected by persons other than their parents or guardians, this person must be known to the members of staff or have written consent from the parents. If the person is unknown to staff the child/children will not be allowed to leave until we have received confirmation that this person is authorised to collect the child/children. All persons collecting children before the end of the school day must sign a record book before leaving the school.

The Principal, staff and Board of Management are not responsible for children arriving before official school opening time or staying on the school grounds after school hours unless it has been previously agreed with the class teacher.