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How is your child cared for

Child Protection: We aim to promote children’s well being and protect children from harm in respect of the following categories of abuse: neglect (wilful or circumstantial), emotional, physical, sexual, peer and bullying. The following Education programmes are in use throughout the school: Relationships and Sexuality Education Programme, Alive O, Stay Safe, Be Safe, and Walk Tall.

The designated person in Glenasmole School is the Principal, who is obliged to report any concerns in relation to child abuse to the HSE (Health Board) in accordance with the guidelines and procedures issued to all schools by the Department of Education and Science.

Garda vetting is sought for all adults who will be working with the children in the school. This includes sports coaches, extra-curricular teachers, parents and student teachers. In circumstances where the teacher will be present at all times e.g. a speaker visiting the school to promote the science curriculum, garda vetting is not sought. In any event, references are taken up for all visitors to the school, whether short or long term.

Anti Bullying Policy: Bullying in any form is not tolerated in Glenasmole National School. We aim to create a safe and purposeful environment, which encourages successful learning and allows students to feel free from fear and to feel good about themselves as individuals. Bullying is seen as repeated,  planned aggression, either verbal, psychological or physical, conducted by an individual or more typically by a group against another person. Isolated incidents of aggressive behaviour, while not tolerated, are not described as bullying.

Students are encouraged to report incidents of bullying and all reports will be noted, investigated and dealt with by the staff in accordance with our Anti-bullying policy.

In the spirit of an inclusive school environment, we ask that invitations to birthday parties are not  distributed during school hours. Children who don’t get an invitation feel very left out. Equally, at Christmas time, we organise a Kris Kindl with the children, so that each child in the school buys one present and receives one present at school and we ask that no other presents are exchanged during school hours.

Health & Safety: We have a statement in place which documents the hazards and the measures taken in the prevention of accidents in the school building, prefab building and school grounds, thus promoting the safety, health and welfare of the school community.

There is regular training on the usage of sharp instruments such as needles, pencils, paintbrushes, pens, markers, small beads or blocks etc. Children are under adult supervision, when humanly possible, during school hours.

Accident Procedures & Medicine Administration: Parents are asked to inform the school in writing of any information, medical or otherwise, that may be relevant and of which the school should be aware. In general, medicines are not administered in school. Teachers cannot be required to administer medicines or drugs to a student. In the case of asthma inhalers, the children administer their own under the supervision of staff members. If a child has an ongoing condition which requires medication during school hours, an application must be made to the Principal to determine a suitable arrangement.

In the administration of First Aid cuts are cleaned, cold poultices are put on bruises. Where the injuries are more serious, qualified medical treatment is secured at the earliest opportunity and parents are contacted and informed.  Minor accident details and the administration of first aid are recorded and dated in the incident book.

Substance Use & Misuse: In accordance with the Tobacco (Health and Protection) Regulations smoking is not allowed in the classrooms, schoolyard, corridor and in all recreational areas.  Smoking is forbidden in any area of the school grounds. The use or possession of substances such as tobacco, alcohol or other drugs is not allowed. Incidents are dealt with under of Code of Behaviour and Substance Misuse policies and include the involvement of Gardaí where appropriate. As part of our health education programme, children are taught about the correct use of drugs and about the dangers of smoking, alcohol and drug abuse.

Media & Internet: In Glenasmole National School we follow the guidelines issued by the Department (NCTE) in relation to students’ safe usage of the internet. These guidelines are displayed beside computers with access to the internet. Children are regularly instructed in relation to using email and the internet. The use of the internet is a privilege and is removed from any student who abuses this privilege by not following the guidelines.

We only allow children to access age-appropriate material in terms of computer games, films, books, newspapers and internet websites. We ask also that parents are vigilant in doing the same at home. Any material for children over age 12 will never be appropriate at Glenasmole School and children discussing inappropriate games, websites or films will be acting contrary to our school code.