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Author: padraic McHugh

In 3rd and 4th Class, we are doing lots Education Minecraft! Minecraft gives us plenty of opportunities to explore various subjects, in particular SESE. So far, we have created Glenasmole on Minecraft in our pods. We are currently working on our Ireland’s Future is MINE entry, where we are creating sustainable versions of the Glenasmole area. We are working hard 
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For art, 3rd and 4th Class explored drawing from observation and were given the opportunity to draw various kinds of fruit! We sketched pineapples, watermelons, coconuts and lots more. We focused mainly on shading and how it its used to create a 3D effect. Check out the class completing their excellent pieces of art!
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For Science Week, 3rd and 4th class did various experiments over the course of the week to celebrate the occasion. Some of the activities included making Scribblebots using circuits and creating lava lamps using oil, water, food colouring and Alka Seltzer. We also explored heat and investigated the temperature and speed in which chocolate melted. The class had lots of 
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