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A Stop motion video of the Polyjuice Scene from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Here is a video created by Caitríona. It is made using Stop motion. It shows the characters from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets during the Polyjuice scene. I hope you enjoy. Well done Caitríona!!
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5ht and 6th class have been busy working on local History studies over the past few weeks. We have learned all about Glenasmole and it’s interesting history. We learned about Myths and Legends, homes, folklore, the waterworks, old tales, murders, strange buildings, graves, Cairns, The GAA and much more. We recreated Glenasmole valley in Minecraft and added buildings, natural features, 
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In 3rd and 4th Class, we are doing lots Education Minecraft! Minecraft gives us plenty of opportunities to explore various subjects, in particular SESE. So far, we have created Glenasmole on Minecraft in our pods. We are currently working on our Ireland’s Future is MINE entry, where we are creating sustainable versions of the Glenasmole area. We are working hard 
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LINK TO RTE ARTICLE LINK TO IRISH TIMES ARTICLE On September 15th, Mr. Maguire’s 5th and 6th class students were invited to Dublin City University to partake in the Launch of a new nationwide project for schools. The project aims to get students from around the country to use Minecraft Education to learn, build, create and collaborate on interesting projects 
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