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4th Class

In 4th class, the children continue with their learning and development from 3rd class. They continue to work on their independent learning skills and their ability to work in groups to complete a project or investigation. In Maths, they solidify and develop the topics that they were introduced to in 3rd class. They further develop their reading, writing and communication skills in English and Irish. Not only do they explore similar topics to those in 3rd class, but they also explore themes such as Irish history, local history, mapping skills, habitats, and much more! 4th class continue to develop their skills in PE, Art, Music and drama through different activities last year, to ensure new fun learning experiences.

4th class are committed to developing their communication and friendship skills through SPHE. The aim of 4th class is to engage in a holistic learning experience, developing interests and skills across the various subjects. Our 4th class teacher is Ms Lorraine Cole hugely experienced and brings a passion to teach  and develop our students to  there fullest potential, you can contact Ms Lorraine Cole by email or by calling the office on 01 4624143