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School History

Glenasmole National School was built in 1958 and opened its doors to pupils on 7th January 1959. It was built on the site of an existing boys’ school which had been in operation since 1864. This school amalgamated with the girls’ school, which dated from 1856 (the building is now the home of the McCarthy family). Each of the schools had two teachers – a Principal and an assistant.


The old schools had been set up under the National Schools system and the patron for both was Charles Cobbe, who lived in Newbridge House, Donabate, and also owned Glenasmole Lodge, still known locally as Cobbe’s Lodge, and extensive tracts of lands in this area.

In 1958 the “new” school had two classrooms, two cloakrooms, boys’ and girls’ toilets and a teacher’s bathroom. A prefab classroom was added in the 1980s when the numbers of children attending led to the school needing a third teacher. By 2000, the school was again a two-teacher school. Over the years, the cloakrooms were converted to create an office and a Learning Support room and the prefab was used for extra-curricular activities like drama and dancing when it wasn’t needed as a classroom. In 2005, a new classroom was added to the school because the numbers of children attending had increased again. In 2020, a 4th classroom was added, with a staffroom and accessible bathroom.

School Principals:

2021: Kevin Maguire

2007-2021: Mary McColgan

2005-2007: Niall Cassidy

1997-2005: Catherine Fallon-Spain, who sadly died while still a Principal at Glenasmole NS

1984-1997: Nuala Kelly

1958-1983: Rory McGee, who had been Principal of the boys’ school since 1954